firefox-grayTraditional Aikido of Sarasota

Aikido is a Japanese martial art, developed from the skills and traditions of the Samurai. It is known for its philosophy of non-violence and collaboration.

Why Practice Aikido?

  • Master a calm, confident approach to conflict
  • Develop practical self-defense skills
  • Increase mental & physical self-awareness
  • Improve focus & balance

Aikido is a non-competitive, non-violent martial art focusing on self-awareness and safe conflict resolution, developed from the skills of the Samurai.

Come Experience The Aikido Difference

What is Aikido?firefox-gray

The Japanese word, "Aikido," is composed of three characters. "Ai" means 'to unite, to come together, or harmonize.' The second character is "Ki" which means energy, mind, or spirit. "Ki" can also mean "Spirit of the Universe" or "Universal Energy." The last character "Do"means "a Way" or a "Path."

"Do" implies that Aikido is not just self defense techniques, but a system that includes self development as well as spiritual development. Altogether these characters mean "the Way to Harmonize with the Spirit of the Universe" short, "The Way of Harmony." more


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We invite you to come attend a free Aikido class at our dojo! We train in a fun, safe environment with no kicking or punching involved. You may choose to spectate or to participate in some technique training (at your own and the Sensei's discretion).

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